THELMA & LOUISE - Original Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

THELMA & LOUISE - Original Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

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Presenting a brand new release from a brand new soundtrack label, Notefornote Music. We are proud to announce a brand new edition of Hans Zimmer's score for themotion picture THELMA & LOUISE, Starring Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis and Brad Pitt. 

Out of print for several years, this reissue of the 2011 limited edition release from Kritzerland is back in print for those that might have missed out on it last time. 

Produced by Bryon Davis and Ford A. Thaxton. Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. Liner Notes by Randall Larson. CD art direction by Mark Banning


1. Going To Mexico (2:12)
2. JD (3:23)
3. The Hell With Texas (1:12)
4. Happy Birthday Lady / Picking Up JD / Oilfields (2:18)
5. Watching Him Go / Ride Of The FBI (1:26)
6. Louise's Theme (2:46)
7. Giving Up / Suck My Dick (3:38)
8. Getting Out Of State (1:32)
9. I Got A Knack (2:06)
10. Charged With Murder (3:01)
11. Learning From TV (0:45)
12. Chase / 
You've Always Been Crazy (7:54)
13. Thelma & Louise / End Credits (3:57)

14. Main Title (Film Version) (2:01)