THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON - Original Soundtrack by Bill Conti

THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON - Original Soundtrack by Bill Conti

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Presenting the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Bill Conti’s (ROCKY, LOCK-UP, F/X, THE KARATE KID) orchestral score to the 1982 dramatic feature film THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON, starring Robert Mitchum, Paul Sorvino, Martin Sheen, Stacy Keach and Bruce Dern and written and directed by Jason Miller, based upon his Pulitzer Prize-winning play. 

Mr. Conti’s stirring music anchors the tragedies and triumphs of this emotionally-charged drama, supporting the cast of superlative performances. 

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton and mastered from MGM vault elements by James Nelson, this limited edition pressing of 1200 units features in-depth liner notes by Randall Larson

1. Rally In Scranton (Main Title) 2:06
2. Toms Home / Lonely Stroll 3:24
3. Old School /
Coach Bears The Pain 3:29
4. Play The Ball / With My Wife? 1:25
5. Look at the Past / She Did it for You /
6. I’m Only Forty Three 2:11
7. Responsibility / Brothers Together 2:46
8. Here Comes Phillip / 
An Elegant Man 3:19
9. Coach Keeps The Peace 1:35
That Championship Season 5:57
10. Trailer #1 1:04
11. Here Comes Phillip 
(Alternate Version) 1:20
12. That Championship Season 
(Synth version) 5:58
13. Trailer #2 1:04

Total Time: 36:11.