MANHUNT -Original Soundtrack Recording by Alfred Newman

MANHUNT -Original Soundtrack Recording by Alfred Newman

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La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox proudly present the original motion picture score to the 1941 Twentieth Century Fox espionage thriller MAN HUNT, starring Walter Pidgeon, Joan Bennett and George Sanders, and directed by Fritz Lang. Legendary composer Alfred Newman (GUNGA DIN, THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, THE ROBE, A CERTAIN SMILE) fashions a majestic Golden Age score that perfectly complements director Lang’s riveting and controversial film (the story concerns the attempted assassination of Hitler before America entered WWII). Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino and restored, mixed and mastered by Matessino from original studio vault elements, this special release features exclusive liner notes by writer Julie Kirgo and classic art design by Jim Titus. This is a limited edition of 1500 units



  1. Main Title▪ (1:25)
  2. German Headquarters †▪ (3:26)
  3. The Confession▪▼ (5:06)
  4. High Places†▪ (3:25)
  5. In the Ship’s Cabin▪ (2:40)
  6. Meeting Jerry *†▪ (4:27)
  7. Helping Thorndike *▪ (2:24)
  8. Night Comfort* (1:33)
  9. Fish and Chips *†▪ (5:21)
  10. Stalking▪ (1:23)
  11. Murder in the Underground*†▪ (5:03)
  12. A Letter for Stokes†▪ (2:39)
  13. Exchange†▪ (1:59)
  14. War Montage*▪ (1:33)
  15. Bail Out – End Title• (:40)
  16. End Cast† (:36)
    Total Time: 42:34

* Contains Interpolations of “A Nightingale Song in Berkeley Square” by Manning Sherwin and Eric Maschwitz (PRS) – EMI Blackwood Music, Inc (BMI) o/b/o Peter Maurice Music Co. Ltd / EMI Music Publishing U.K. Ltd (PRS)
† Contains interpolations of “The Roast Beef of Old England” by Richard Leveridge
▪ Contains music composed by Alfred Newman and David Butolph (ASCAP) – EMI Robbins Catalog (ASCAP)
▼ Contains an interpolation of “Rule Brittania” composed by Thomas Arne 
• Contains an interpolation of “God Save the King” (Traditional)