Hellraiser & Hellhound: Hellraiser 2: Original Soundtracks by Christopher Young

Hellraiser & Hellhound: Hellraiser 2: Original Soundtracks by Christopher Young

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We have such sights to show you.

To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of HELLRAISER, BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the original soundtracks for HELLRAISER / HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II. The album features music composed by Christopher Young for HELLRAISER, the 1987 cult horror film written and directed by Clive Barker, starring Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence and Doug Bradley as well as music composed for the 1988 sequel, HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II, written by Clive Barker and Peter Atkins, directed by Tony Randel, starring Ashley Laurence, Imogen Boorman, Kenneth Cranham and Doug Bradley, returning as Pinhead. HELLRAISER/HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II  is expected to begin shipping on November 15th, 2012. 

Based on Clive Barker’s novella, ‘The Hellbound Heart’, HELLRAISER tells the story of Frank Cotton and his niece, Kirsty, and their encounter with the Lament Configuration, an intricately carved mechanical puzzle box. While travelling in North Africa, Frank buys the puzzle box from a dealer. Returning home to England, Frank isolates himself and struggles to complete the puzzle box. When he finally solves the mystery of the Lament Configuration, he discovers the true purpose of the ancient puzzle box. It is a communicator for summoning the Cenobites, an order of grotesque soul-harvesting extradimensional beings who were once human but are now devoted to the pleasure of pain, led by the evil Pinhead (Bradley). Frank’s reward for solving the puzzle is to be ripped to pieces and then the Cenobites depart, without a trace. Frank’s brother, Larry (Robinson) arrives soon after with his family and moves into the house with his wife Julia (Higgins) and daughter, Kirsty (Laurence). After Larry cuts his hand on a nail in the same room Frank was killed by the Cenobites, Frank begins to reconstitute himself. Unknown to Larry, Julia had an affair with Frank. After Frank reveals himself to Julia, she begins to help him find more victims, more blood to restore himself so they can run away together before the Cenobites discover he is still alive.

Released in 1988, HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II picks up immediately after the events of the first film and follows Kirsty (Laurence) as she is sent to the Channard Institute, a psychiatric hospital, after she is unable to explain or prove the events that took place in her home. During her first night, she meets Tiffany (Boorman), a young girl with a gift for solving puzzles. Having trouble sleeping, Kirsty begins hearing voices and receives a bloody message that reads: I AM IN HELL. HELP ME. Believing the message came from her father and that he is still alive, being tortured in Hell, she tells her story to Dr. Channard (Cranham). Unknown to Kirsty, Channard has himself become obsessed with the puzzle box and has been luring victims to his home, to bring Julia (Higgins) back to life, causing a new cycle of terror and the eventual return of Pinhead and the Cenobites.

After early efforts with British avant-garde jazz-rock group Coil to compose and record music for the film did not come together, Clive Barker and HELLRAISER producer Christopher Figg hired composer Christopher Young to score the film. Young was asked to write a full orchestral score for the film and, at the center of the score, a kind of diabolical waltz and what has since become one of the most well recognized pieces of music in history of horror films and helped launch the composer’s career. For the sequel, Young retained a similar musical sensibility, while developing an even more robust approach, which included the addition of a choir.

Golden Globe-nominated composer Christopher Young has scored nearly 100 films, including films such as HELLRAISER, JENNIFER 8, MURDER IN THE FIRST, COPYCAT, SPECIES, THE HURRICANE, SWORDFISH, THE SHIPPING NEWS, THE HURRICANE, THE CORE, THE GRUDGE, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, SPIDER-MAN 3, UNTRACEABLE, THE UNINVITED, DRAG ME TO HELL, THE RUM DIARY, THE BLACK TULIP and, most recently, SINISTER. Born in Red Bank, New Jersey, Young graduated from Massachusetts Hampshire College with a BA in music and did post-graduate work at North Texas State University, studying big band writing and classical composition before moving to Los Angeles in 1980. While enrolled at UCLA, he studied with famed film composer David Raksin. In addition to his career as a film composer, he has also taught composition at UCLA. 

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents HELLRAISER/HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II, featuring music composed by Christopher Young. Both scores have been released previously on compact disc but those releases are long out of print and difficult to find. HELLRAISER/HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II are presented here on 2 CDs with liner notes written by author Randall Larson and music for both films newly remastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. HELLRAISER/HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II is a limited edition release of 2000 units.



3. Hellbound Heart (5:05)
4. The Lament Configuration (3:31)
5. Reunion (3:11)
6. A Quick Death (1:16)
8. In Love's Name (2:56)
9. The Cenobites (4:13)
10. The Rat Slice Quartet (3:15)
11. Re-resurrection (2:34)
13. Brought On By Night (2:18)
14. Another Puzzle (4:06)
Total Time: 43:08
2. Looking Through A Woman (5:30)
4. "Skin Her Alive" (1:47)
5. Stringing The Puppet (4:56)
7. Dead Or Living? (2:51)
8. Leviathan (3:25)
10. Chemical Entertainment (6:36)
11. Obscene Kiss (5:00)
12. Headless Wizard (5:33)
13. What's Your Pleasure? (3:11)